Mike Rolf

Mike Rolf
Petroleum Delivery
(952) 466-3720

Mike Rolf is Mid-County Energy’s newest petroleum driver. 

After spending thirty-three years working indoors at an office equipment business, Mike was ready for a change. He wanted a job where he could get outside on the road, a job that did not require wearing a “shirt and tie” everyday. He decided to pursue a Commercial Driver’s License, and soon after discovered Mid-County Coop.

“I walked in the door and talked to Quay and Bill,” Mike recalled. “They were friendly, and we had a great talk. They invited me back for an interview.”

After accepting a position with Mid-County Energy in August, Mike was sent to St. Cloud for further training for propane delivery.

Mike and his wife Marlene have two children, Krista (33) and Dillon (23). Mike was born and raised on his family’s farm near Bongards, an unincorporated community in Carver County. After his father passed away, and his mother moved into a senior living facility, Mike and Marlene acquired 8 acres of the original farmland, and live there today.

One of Mike’s great passions is motorcycles. He owns two. 

“I have probably driven two million miles in my life,” Mike said. “I’ve been riding since I was ten years old.”