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Mid-County Coop was founded in 1935 as a petroleum product supplier for Carver County. As times have changed, so has Mid-County. Over the years we have added new departments to our company including a Holiday Stationstore in Cologne, MN, a Holiday Stationstore in Waverly, MN, a complete Agronomy Division, an Energy Division that includes an ever expanding fuels, lubricant and propane delivery service area, and a Truck Center, which specializes in tires, alignments, air conditioning repairs and much more on heavy trucks. Mid-County Coop is a cooperative, which means our patrons can earn dividends on their purchases each year. This truly makes us a customer owned company! All of our services are open to the general public.

Timeline of Mid-County Coop

1935 — Mid-County Cooperative Oil Association was incorporated
1936 — Gasoline outlet was established in Waconia
1937 — Bulk petroleum storage was installed in Watertown
1946 — Built service station in Mayer
1948 — Sold Mayer station for $5,000 less pumps
1950 — Built new service station in Cologne for $13,833
1956 — Built bagged fertilizer warehouse in Cologne for $2,500
1957 — Sold Watertown bulk plant to Watertown Grain & Fuel
1975 — Purchased 11 acres from the City of Cologne for new Bulk Plant
1975 — Moved fertilizer plant from east side of town to Bulk Plant site
1991 — Purchased Bulk Petroleum Business from Ken Schmitt
1993 — Purchased Bachmann Feed Mill in Young America
1993 — Purchased D’s Gas & Go Convenience Store in Cologne
1995 — Rebuilt Convenience Store in Cologne
1998 — Merged MN Victoria Oil of Victoria and Mid-County Coop of Cologne
1998 — Purchased the Agronomy facility from Arlington Service Center
1999 — Purchased the Mayer Oil Route from Rich Cohrs
2000 — Purchased Padden Oil Company in Waverly
2000 — Purchased Ralph’s Oil in Lester Prairie
2000 — Purchased MN Valley Oil in Carver
2001 — Opened new Goodyear shop in Cologne
2003 — Purchased Howard Lake/Waverly Oil
2006 — Purchased the Cologne Car Wash
2008 — Purchased Mayer Distributing Refined Fuels Division
2009 — Purchased Mayer Distributing Lubricants Division
2009 — Franchised the Cologne Convenience Store with Holiday becoming Holiday of Cologne
2011 – Installed High Speed Fertilizer Blending Tower
2016 – Opened new Diesel Island at the Cologne Convenience Store
2018 – Purchased Mark’s Service in Waverly becoming Mid-County Coop of Waverly
2019 – Franchised the Waverly Convenience Store with Holiday becoming Holiday of Waverly

25th Anniversary Annual Report – 1960

1960_25th-annual-reportAs we stop and look back twenty-five years, we realize the courage and foresight that the pioneers of our organization had. We have come a long way from the original investment of $890.00 up to now a total of $198,619.09 in net worth. Download the report.







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