Don Gibson

Don Gibson
Agronomy Sales

   Don Gibson joined the Mid- County family in June 2016. 
   “His experience is exceptional,” general manager Bill Reimers said. “Don has worked in different parts of country and has gained knowledge of many different crops.” His best feature, according to Reimers, is his interaction with customers. He is very personable, and he naturally gets along with the customer.
   He grew up on a farm and went to high school in Waverly, Iowa. He says the upbringing influenced his decision in going into the agronomy field.
   His knowledge and experience with plant nutrition, aids him in his agronomy sales. In fact, it’s kind of his hobby. 
   When he’s not working, Gibson spends his time looking after plants with hydroponics. Hydroponics is the art of growing plants without soil. He is able to do this with a nutrient solution that is delivered to the roots. With this solution, the plants are allowed to uptake food with little effort, rather than searching and extracting nutrients in soil.
   On the job, Gibson meets and works primarily with new accounts for Mid-County, an important position in expanding the coop’s name, business, and brand. 
   Customers will receive vast knowledge, advice, and help from Don Gibson and the rest of the agronomy sales staff.
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