Scott Pawelk

Scott Pawelk
Assistant Manager

Scott Pawelk is the new assistant manager at the Waverly Convenience Store. Although Pawelk has been with the store since 2016, this February, he moved into the new position. Scott now leads the store staff, and he continues to provide excellent customer service. Pawelk enjoys talking with customers about how Mid-County can provide products and services to fill their needs. He also likes to know what customers appreciate about the store. “Customers feel welcome here, and they appreciate the cleanliness of our store,” he explained.
Pawelk grew up on a family farm about six miles south of Waverly. Eventually, he moved to Pennsylvania and spent 15 years on the east coast. During this time, he worked in commercial trucking and owned a truck and trailer. Pawelk said skills that he learned while operating his small business will be useful in his current position at Mid-County. 
After suffering a health crisis, Pawelk eventually decided to move back to Minnesota. He currently helps his parents with the demands of managing the house and yard on the family farm. In his free time, he enjoys his two German Shepherds and fishing the local lakes. In the fall, he returns to his farming roots by helping a neighbor with the harvest. Scott reflected, “It helps him, and I enjoy it.”