Month: June 2016

New Service Manager Hired



Mid-County Coop Auto, Truck & Tire, has recently hired Brent Geyen as the new Service Manager in Cologne.

Brent brings his lengthy service experience with him to the Mid-County Coop team. He worked at Plymouth VIP Auto for over two years and developed a leadership role, often running the shop on his own. Geyen also spent time in the warranty department at BMW and at Customer Track Inc., where he worked with service departments all over the nation.

His great and lengthy experience of running a shop and serving many customers will be beneficial to the Mid-County Coop team.

“His customer service skills are second to none,” Mid-County Coop general manager Bill Reimers said. “He really does a great job talking to customers, and explaining what we do to a car or truck. He’s young, but he has years of quality experience with customers in the auto field.”

Since Geyen was hired about two months ago, he has started reorganizing and resituating the layout of the shop, in order to provide additional convenience to the customers of Mid-County Coop. Other job duties for the new Service Manager will include running the shop, day-to-day operations, managing inventory, answering phone calls, assisting customers, and managing a team.

Geyen, a 30-year-old from Tamarack and Minnetonka, attended high school at Minnetonka High School and Eden Prairie High School. He currently lives in Buffalo with his wife and his puppy, Shandy. If Geyen is not working, he can usually be found either on the water fishing for muskies, or shooting on the range.

Mid-County Coop Finishes New Diesel Island

300x250_mc_dieselMid-County Coop has finished the new diesel island at the Holiday Stationstore in Cologne. The island, which officially opened Jan. 1, 2016, is now complete, with new tarring and fencing. The new finish features a clean, professional look, with four diesel dispensers and nine hoses.

The new diesel dispensers in the island are faster and more favorable for large trucks and other vehicles rolling into the Holiday store. The island includes two sets of dispensers that are connected to one another, meaning there is access to fuel on both sides of a vehicle. In the past, drivers would have to pull the hose to the other side of their truck to fill up in the diesel section. With the two connected dispensers, the hassle is taken out of the picture.

There will continue to be two grades of diesel fuel available in the summer: #2 diesel and premium diesel. Premium winter diesel will also be available during the colder months.

“The island will improve the station by offering easy access and speed for the customer,” Mid-County Coop general manager Bill Reimers said.

Along with the new diesel dispensers, Mid-County Coop also installed new gasoline dispensers, as well as a new sidewalk, running from the island to the store. The widened path makes it easier for people to enter the Holiday store.

The plans of this project were introduced over two years ago. The cost of the island totaled an estimated $400,000. Mid-County Coop is proud to host a top-of-the-line diesel island at the Holiday Stationstore in Cologne.

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